Luigi Marengo
Selected Publications

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Articles in refereed journals

  • Marengo, L. and S. Settepanella (2012), "Social choice among complex objects", forthcoming in Annali della Scuola Normale Superiore.
  • Marengo, L., C. Pasquali, M. Valente and G. Dosi (2012), "Appropriability, Patents, and Rates of Innovation in Complex Products Industries", Economics of Innovation and New Technologies, vol. 21, pp. 753-773.
  • L. Marengo and C. Pasquali (2012),"How to get what you want when you do not know what you want. A model of incentives, organizational structure and learning.", Organization Science , vol. 23, pp. 1298-1310.
  • Koski, H., Marengo, L. and I. Makinen (2012), "Firm size, managerial practices and innovativeness: some evidence from Finnish manufacturing", International Journal of Technology Management, vol. 59, pp. 92-115.
  • L. Marengo and C. Pasquali (2011), “The construction of choice: A computational voting model”, Journal of Economic Interaction and Coordination , vol. 6, pp. 139-156.
  • Dosi, G., M. Faillo, L. Marengo and D. Moschella, (2011), “Toward Formal Representations of Search Processes and Routines in Organizational Problem Solving: An Assessment of the State-of-the-Art”, Seoul Journal of Economics, vol.24, pp. 247-286.
  • L. Marengo and C. Pasquali (2010), "The construction of choice", Economics Bulletin , vol. 30, pp. 3077-87.
  • L. Marengo and M. Valente (2010), "Industry dynamics with product innovation: An evolutionary model", Structural Change and Economic Dynamics , vol. 21, pp. 5-16.
  • Dosi, G., M. Faillo and L. Marengo (2008), "Organizational Capabilities, Patterns of Knowledge Accumulation and Governance Structures in Business Firms: An Introduction", Organization Studies , vol. 29, pp. 1165-1185.
  • Brusoni, S, L. Marengo, A. Prencipe and M. Valente (2007), "The value and cost of modularity: A cognitive perspective", European Management Review , vol. 4, pp. 121-132.
  • Dosi, G. and L. Marengo (2007), "On the Evolutionary and Behavioral Theories of Organizations: A Tentative Roadmap", Organization Science, vol. 18, pp. 491-502.
  • Dosi, G., L. Marengo and C. Pasquali (2007), "Knowledge, competition and innovation: Is strong IPR protection really needed for more and better innovations?", Michigan Telecommunication and Technology Law Review, vol. 13, n. 2, pp. 471-485.
  • Dosi, G., L. Marengo and C. Pasquali (2006), "How much should society fuel the greed of innovators? On the relations between appropriability, opportunities and rates of innovation", Research Policy, vol. 35, pp. 1110-1121.
  • Marengo, L. and G. Dosi (2005), "Division of Labor, Organizational Coordination and Market Mechanisms in Collective Problem-Solving", Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, vol. 58, pp. 303-326.
  • Fagiolo, G., L. Marengo and M. Valente (2004), "Endogenous Networks in Random Population Games", Mathematical Population Studies, vol. 11, pp.121-147.
  • Fagiolo, G., L. Marengo and M. Valente (2004), "Population learning in a model with random payoff landscapes and endogenous networks, Computational Economics, vol. 24, pp. 383-408.
  • Marengo, L. (2003) "Quasi scomponibilità, modularità ed organizzazione economica", Sistemi Intelligenti, vol. 15, n.1.
  • Dosi, G., D. Levinthal and L. Marengo (2003), "Bridging contested terrain: linking incentive-based and learning perspectives on organizational evolution", Industrial and Corporate Change, vol. 12, pp. 413-436.
  • Marengo, L., G. Dosi, P. Legrenzi and C. Pasquali (2000), "The Structure of Problem-solving Knowledge and the Structure of Organizations", Industrial and Corporate Change, vol. 9, , pp.757-788.
  • Lazaric, N., Marengo, L. (2000), "Towards a Characterization of Assets and Knowledge Created in Technological Agreements: Some evidence from the automobile-robotics sector", Industrial and Corporate Change, vol. 9, pp. 53-86.
  • Dosi G., Marengo L., Bassanini A., Valente M. (1999), "Norms as Emergent Properties of Adaptive Learning: The case of economic routines", Journal of Evolutionary Economics, vol. 9, pp. 5-26.
  • Marengo L., Willinger M. (1997), "Alternative methodologies for modelling evolutionary dynamics: Introduction", Journal of Evolutionary Economics, vol. 4, pp. 331-338.
  • Cohen M., Burkhart R., Dosi G., Egidi M., Marengo L., Warglien M., Winter S. (1996), "Routines and Other Recurring Action Patterns of Organizations: Contemporary Research Issues", Industrial and Corporate Change, vol. 5, pp.653-698.
  • Beltrametti L., Fiorentini R., Marengo L., Tamborini R. (1997), "A Learning-to-Forecast Experiment on the Foreign Exchange Market with a Classifier System", Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, vol. 21, pp. 1543-1575.
  • Marengo L., Tordjman H. (1996), "Speculation, Heterogeneity and Learning: A Model of Exchange Rate Dynamics", KYKLOS, vol. 49, pp. 407-438.
  • Beltrametti L., Marengo L., Tamborini R. (1996), "Un esperimento di apprendimento nel mercato valutario con un agente artificiale", Economia Politica, vol. 13, pp. 353-387.
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  • Marengo L. (1992), "The Demand for Intermediate Goods in an Input-Ouput Framework: A Methodological Note", Economic Systems Research, vol. 4, pp. 49-52.
  • Marengo L., Sterlacchini A. (1990), "Intersectoral Technology Flows: Methodological Aspects and Empirical Applications", Metroeconomica, vol. 41, pp. 19-39.

Book Chapters

  • Dosi, G., L. Marengo and M. Faillo (2007), "Problem-solving and governance in the capability-based view of the firm: The roles and theoretical representation of organizational routines", in M. Becker (ed.), Handbook of organizational routines , Cheltenham, Edward Elgar, pp. 107-121.
  • Marengo L. (2005), "Organization of the firm", chap. 7 in J. Lesourne, A. Orléan and B. Walliser (eds), Evolutionary Micro-economics , Berlin, Springer, pp. 203-235.
  • Marengo L., Pasquali C. and Valente M. (2005), "Decomposability and modularity of economic interactions", in W. Callebaut and D. Rasskin-Gutman (eds), Modularity: Understanding the Development and Evolution of Complex Natural Systems, The Vienna Series in Theoretical Biology , Cambridge MA, MIT Press, pp. 835-897.
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  • Fagiolo, G., L. Marengo and M. Valente (2004), "Formazione endogena di reti in giochi di popolazione casuali", in D. Delli Gatti and M. Gallegati (eds), Eterogeneità degli agenti economici e interazione sociale: teorie e verifiche empiriche , Bologna, Il Mulino, collana della Società Italiana degli Economisti.
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